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Rendering services for all Highway Traffic Violations & C.V.O.R Violations from beginning to end, such as:


Stunt Driving

Careless Driving

Red Light

Disobey Stop

Disobey Sign

Fail to Yield

Improper Turn

Drive- Handheld Communication Device

Insecure Load

Improper Tires

Overweight/ Oversize

Fail to Report Defect

Push Rod Exceeds Prescribed Limit

Fail to Secure Tie Downs

Fail to Keep Proper Daily Log

Fail to Display Device

And Many More...

Provide your infraction and let us handle it from here.

About Us

Paralegal firm specializing in disputing Highway Traffic & C.V.O.R Violations in Ontario.
We handle matters from beginning to end ensuring the highest quality of services and results.
What makes us so distinctive is we review your case on it's merits and obtain the best approach in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why Dispute Your Traffic Violations?

It is important to dispute any traffic violation received in order to avoid an accumulation of charges and demerit points on your driving record.
When disputing these offences it is crucial to understand there are two aspects usually involved.
1. The charge itself (Wording of the charge , ramifications of the charge)
2. Demerit Points
Each aspect affects you differently. For example Demerit points are apparent on your driving record however they are not used to determine your insurance premiums.
An accumulation of points will affect you in a manner of once reaching a certain amount of demerit points varying on the license you hold a driver may be suspended or a mandatory meeting with the Ministry of Transportation could be set where they can determine your eligibility to drive.
Furthermore, Insurance companies base their rates on how many violations are apparent and the severity of the charges whether they are considered major or minor. Once a charge has been registered on your driving record it remains apparent for the next three years.
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Do not pay that ticket!

Please Note:

Infractions will not list how many points they carry nor list the ramifications of the charge. Always make sure to be informed as ignorance of the law is not a defence.

Call us today to be informed and know your rights at 416-749-1010 or email your infraction to: info@triumphtrafficticketservices.ca


The pen is mightier than the sword

Thank you for always choosing Triumph Traffic Ticket Services.

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